Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Lovely Friend Jenny...

Is having an AMAZING giveaway on her blog... no seriously.. it's amazing.. A whole week of prizes and the grand prize is an IPOD NANO!!! Yea, amazing right??? Here are some of the prizes Jenny is giving away:


Here is how the giveaways will work:

1) In order to be eligible, just FOLLOW @justsweetlove and re-tweet the following tweet: "I want to win @justsweetlove's June Jubilee b/c ________!" #JSLgiveaway and then fill in your reason!

She will randomly select one follower for a prize each evening at 9pm PST.

You need to tweet at least once a day. But of course, if you tweet more, it wouldn't hurt your chances :]

How easy is that?? Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!

You can find out more details on her blog right here!!! She is the cutest and I love her to pieces! if you haven't read her blog, you should, your missing out!! Go check her out!!


**Side Note**
I had a very rough day yesterday but it ended well, then today I went grocery shopping and while I was gone my neighbors picked up poop in my yard, mowed and weeded. How sweet is that? I am extremely lucky to have such kind and generous neighbors. It's what I'm thankful for today :)

What are you thankful for today?



  1. she looks really nice and what an amazing giveaway, Im crossing my fingers for you to win something!
    You have the sweetest neighbors- that is SO generous. Today Im thankful for havind an amazing friend like you :)

  2. OMG, LINDSAY!!!! you are SO amazing!!! thank you so much for being you!! loveu SO much!

    And your neighbors are phenomenal! That was very gracious of them!


  3. isn't jenny the best? she's one of the most generous people i know. xx

  4. You have the sweetest neighbors! Glad today is a better day! *hugs*

  5. I'm sorry you had bad few days! I'm so glad you have good neighbors! That is so sweet of them!

    Jenny is awesome! Her giveaway is awesome!

  6. ah, i love jenny!! and your neighbors are wonderfully sweet.

  7. i sometimes think bad days or times R my reminders 2 appreciate the good ones. it seems so 4 U 2.

  8. Jenny is darling! And so are you, little Linds. I'll be adding her blog to my daily reads. Thanks, dear!!!

  9. sorry to hear about your bad day but at least it ended well! :) you're also really lucky to have such sweet neighbours!

    by the by I received the giveaway prize already. It came on my first day at my new home. My first parcel! yeay!

    loooooooove the plushie you made xo

  10. So sweet of your neighbours! :)
    Fond Jenny's blog after she commented on mine the other day and I LOVE it! Super cute!
    Speaking of super cute - did you change your blog layout? (or did my computer just finally decide to show it after I rebooted? hehehe) I LOVE it! :)
    I'm thankful that I FINALLY have a day off work (after working the entire long weekend holiday! gahh!) :) xxx

  11. LUV your new page!!! Seriously- it's perfect!!!

    Luv momma~

  12. That giveaway is awesome! Too bad I'm not on twitter or I would SO be on that!! :)

    That is very sweet of your neighbors to do that for you! I'll bet that halped make you day like 100 times better :)



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