Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick R Treat!

(Ironman and Fairy Princess)

Several things I worried about this year:

1. If I should skip Kaylee's costume this year (last year we spent way too much money and ended up only being out for 10 minutes before walking home because it was freezing!). When it snowed our original plan was to drive and follow Hayden from house to house (us girls are wimps when it comes to snow)

2. If I would be able to keep up with Hayden (he runs from house to house since he knows there is a time slot for free candy, sounds like me during a sale)

3. If Kaylee would have a meltdown

4. Doing this all by myself since Joseph was not here

It ended up being one of the best Halloweens ever. I put together some things for Kaylee's outfit and only ended up buying the cute sparkly shoes (she was a fairy princess). Everything else we already had. We ended up walking about half a mile and hit up all the houses in our loop and we were done in under 30 minutes. The kids came home with tons of candy and were VERY happy.

Kaylee was excellent and even said "Bye" to everyone she got candy from (while I thanked everyone). She was quite skiddish of the scary costumes people were wearing when they handed out candy. She would walk up slowly, grab up two fistfuls and then RUN back to me saying "BYE!" as she ran. It was very funny! Hayden did do a lot of running, but would wait for us after about 2 houses ahead of us. His word of the night was "JACKPOT!!" when he would get his favorite candy. OH! and every time he would get chocolate he would say "Look mom, candy for you!!!" haha!

After we got home, I loaded them up on sugar and we brushed our teeth, got into our pj's, crawled into bed and watched Backyardigans. I am so thankful everything went so smoothly. We have already picked out our costumes for next year. I'm going to be a panda, Joseph is going to be a giant cut out of China, Hayden will be a leaf and Kaylee will be bamboo. Creative right? Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!!
Here are some cute pics!!

Lots of fun, exciting things going on the next few weeks. Almost every day has something magical happening! I'll be posting often with all the awesomeness :)



  1. how cute are your kiddos? seriously? so cute


  2. glad everyone had a fun evening. Wow lots of candy in such a short time. Luv the pics! huggs and sugars to by big kiddies!

  3. It looks like the kids had a great time! They looked so cute in their costumes. We have the cutest kids in the world. They are so photogenic! I wish I was there to go with you guys. Hopefully this is the last time I have to miss a halloween. Anywho, love and miss you and Im glad halloween went well.

  4. Glad to see that you all had a great Halloween. So cute! I'll be writing you back soon!! I wanted to pass along a blog award to you also, check it out...

  5. How cute are they! Now I want some milk duds lol


  6. ah! SO cute!! Looks like it was a blast. I miss trick or treating.

  7. How cute are they?! Looks like the scored some major loot too!

  8. aw. glad it turned out to be a great halloween for yall! your kidos are so cute! love the costumes. :)
    and hey- when it comes to snow, im a wimp too!

  9. adorable!!! I love how you just made kaylee's outfit!! So DIY of you :) Im glad you all had a great night!!!! I can't wait to trick or treat again someday!!!

  10. You looked like you had lots of fun! That's a lot of candy too, sweet how the boy thought of you each time he received chocolate. :)


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