Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So I finally decided to purchase bag #2!! After days of deliberation, I figured it would be the most logical since I would be carrying an Instax, camera, 2 lenses, and stuff from my purse and things for Kaylee. Should be here Friday!! EEEK!!!!

(All Pics from here)

Oh and trust, it will have accessories to jazz it up :)
Thanks for all the input! I really do appreciate it, the votes came out pretty evenly :)


P.S Is anyone else having a problem with my blog showing up in their reader? :(


  1. Yay!! This bag is too cute! I can't wait until March and I will get to see in person!! love love love.
    Also, you still show up in my reader :)

  2. ooh i love love the inside of that !!! beautiful!


    i'm pretty sure you still show up in my reader... :)

    and ditto to march :)

  3. Great! I love that bag! You showed up perfectly fine in my reader!


  4. That looks so cute! I must be the only person that throws their cameras in their bag (if not leaving it dangled on my shoulder!).
    I've had this convo a few times before-in school we were taught to never keep our cameras in our bag but rather on our should (all settings ready) and it's something that totally stuck.
    If I was to get a bag though I totally know where to look! You HAVE to show us photos of your camera bag.

  5. Holy crap! Missy Black is my roommate's name, and when this page was loading and all I saw was the title, I thought something bizarre was afoot.

  6. me! but i always do. it's kind of depressing.
    check your feed settings?

  7. yur blog doesn't come up in my reader so I click on your blog name in the list, it gives me a link and I click on that. 3 blogs I follow do's weird!

  8. Heya! Cute purse.
    I forgot to tell you I blogged about you and your sweet plushies.
    I remembered when on facebook I saw the items you sent to Cuppy, haha.
    Here's the link in case you're interested,
    and thank-you so much. They were perfect and I'm totally addicted to the lip butter especially the Asian Pear. I will definitely buy from her in future. Thank-you again. You're wonderful :) Lots of love xoxo

  9. Great bag! I am a new follower from the Hop Along Friday post...look forward to seeing you around

    Stop by and say hello
    Applesauce Inn B&B

  10. Cute coming from Blog Hop. We have a Fabulous Friday Follow too...Love to have you!

  11. So cute - and I absolutely love the compartments on the inside!
    I'm pretty sure I need something similar since my instax & camera tend to "bump" into one another in my handbag - not smart!
    Annnd - I received my notebooks in the mail! They're gorgeous Lindsay! Thanks so much for the lip balms too! Love them hun xxx

  12. Great choice! Love it!
    Happy Friday!

  13. Hi! New follower from Friday Blog Hops!

    What a cute blog and I love the bag you chose!! It's very chic and looks like it will hold plenty of stuff.

    Happy Friday!

  14. glad I got to see this bag first hand when you received it today! You're gonna love it!

  15. your's and Janels never show up in my feed anymore :(


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