Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

I have been so busy the past few days with mom visiting. We picked her up on Friday and surprised the kids. We went to the craft fair yesterday and came home and did some art journaling. Today we celebrated Kaylee's birthday with prezzies and cake!! I took so many amazing pics. Here are a few from today :)

I have so much to share this week, including the first pictures I ever took with my new camera, journal pages, some surprises and the camera bag I FINALLY decided on (from my last post). Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

What did you do?


P.S I love my new camera like woah!


  1. Holy cow, that cake is awesome! What a little cutie! Looks like it was a great celebration!
    Can't wait to see what bag you decided on and see more photos you are taking! :)

  2. Those pics look great. I bet your really liking your new camera! Kaylee looked so cute hugging her doll. That was one massive cupcake. I am sure Kaylee enjoyed it. I am glad your mom was able to be there for the celebration. I wish I could have been. One more monday! Cant wait to get home. Love you!

  3. aww your children are awesome, they are so cute ;) I really wonder which photos you took and te journal pages, oh can"t wait!! :)

  4. Sooooo cute!!! What great pics! So glad you're having an awesome time and spending it with Momma Sue! ;) Give each other a hug for me!!! xoxo

  5. What a great day we had celebrating KK's birthday. I am so glad it was a beautiful day to go outside while she opened her presents!

    Cake was yummy! It was so funny how she started chasing after all the adorable..!

    Jamie: yes loads of huggs everyday!! having a great time here, it will be hard leaving.

  6. I want that cake! I just LOVE Hello Kitty!

    I think the little girl in this post is so sweet and cute. ;-)

  7. What a dolly she is. Love the cake! Glad you are enjoying the new camera!

  8. Oh man, you've got some adorable kiddos!!! Love these pictures. :)


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