Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Art!!

Some of you may recognize this painting from a previous post. The hubby surprised me with it and I absolutely LOVE it!!! It's even more beautiful in person. I have another on the way, which I will show later. I am absolutely smitten with Wendy's art! Joseph also sent me a mix C.D (I love mix c.d's!!) which he named "Lindsay's Booty Jams 2010" and a new Momiji (Sparkle). Love love!!!

On another note, this seems to be the longest week ever. I wish I had a dirty house, so I would at least have something to clean. Counting down the days to see my other half again :) Days please go by faster? deal?



  1. I am glad you enjoyed your painting and CD. I made you another CD but Ill just give you this one in person :) You could always just let the kids run wild with some chocolate for about an hour. Im sure you would have LOTS to clean then lol! I miss you so much and cant wait to see you again. I get so giddy knowing its so close. Love you and Ill be home soon!

  2. Wow, this is gorgeous! I love it. Lucky girl. You must have THE best Momiji collection by now!

  3. Cheer up! Maybe you can start creating something for Joseph so that you can keep yourself busy till he's back? It'll be really soon! :)

  4. I have a house you can clean. Come over. ;)
    I hope it goes by quickly! I know how excited you guys must be! But think about this...You Did it!!! Remember when Joseph first left and you were so scared of the uncertain? YOU DID IT!!!! You are amazing and strong and you accomplished so much! Be proud of yourself, girl! I am proud of you and I love you! xoxo

  5. That painting is really pretty. Lucky you! And how sweet/romantic is the hubby for making you a mixed CD? <3

    I agree with Jamie. You can come clean my apartment! Its small, but I think that's what makes it look so messy so fast! I really wish I liked cleaning. :)

  6. I think there are some warm hoodies (pink) and some warm sweat pants you can go thru and send my way!

    What's up w/Joseph taking the Bruce Willis hair do...guess no need to give him the shampoo and conditioner I left for him....lol (gosh I hope he was just kiddin)

    I have already reorganized the kids duffle bags, dad had their clothes all mixed together...lol he did an awesome job taking care of them while I was w/you guys.

    miss you....huggs & kisses... momma

  7. beautiful painting!

    I agree you could crete something for Joseph.
    I remember when you were scared of him living and now he is on his way back to you.

    I miss you and the blog world.

  8. I'm a new follower! Hop along friday brought me here :) I would love it if you would follow back when you have a chance. Thanks!


    ~ Amanda

  9. What a gorgeous painting! And hooray for the addition to your momiji doll collection! <3 What lovely thoughtful gifts!
    Hope the week goes quickly for you love x


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