Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today Was Full Of...

All kinds of Happy. It started off with bringing Haybear to school, then the post office. I then came home and passed out until almost noon with the nugget (Kaylee).

I went and had coffee and pumpkin muffins with some of my favorite ladies, Sandi and Valerie. We chit-chatted, planned for our craft venue in a little over a week and a possible b-day party get together for Kaylee :)

Valerie made me the coolest bag, it's an exact replica of my tattoo :) I am in la la love with :) She sells them in her shop too!!

I got some seriously happy happy mail from Jamie, who I miss terribly. Seriously panda cereal?? How amazing is that? She sent Kaylee a little book that I can't pry out of her hands. I forgot to grab the cutie pin cushion and other goodies (I already set them up in my craft room).

This is Kaylee when I handed her the book. (excited much?)

She ran right over to Max and read to him.

The winner of Valerie's "BOO" garland is....

Congrats!! E-mail me and I'll send out your garland this week!

Ok, off to work on product for the craft venue and do some much needed art journaling. I'll be back tomorrow with some cutie things I have made recently for some of my cutie friends :)

What was your day full of?


  1. Kaylee is seriously the cutest! I can practically hear her squealing over that book!
    Congrats to The Fancy Lady :) I hope you enjoy my garland!

  2. That muffin looks delish!
    You lil one is adorable!! <3
    My day off was filled with cooking meals for my Mister's Dad as he's finally out of hospital! :) Happy days

  3. glad you all had a great get together today. Kaylee's face is priceless...lol And where did Jamie get that Panda cereal what will they think of next!
    congrats to The Fancy Lady on winning Valerie's garland.

  4. I LOVE your new bag! SO cute!! I'll have to check out her Etsy shop.

    We sell that cereal in the store I work in (Fred Meyer, a Pacific Northwest chain that is now owned by Kroger). I see it on the shelves and always think how cute the box is. <3

  5. love the bag!! and seriously, could Kaylee be any cuter??? I mean come ON!!! i love you!

  6. How cute is she...oh my! Love the bag, and the Happy Mail goodies Jamie sent you! Love ya!

  7. hahaha! I love her! How cuteeeeee!!!!! :)
    Grayson has the book too and loves it.
    Love your tote bag too! That's so cute!!!! I miss your face!!!!! Love you, girl! xoxo

  8. yay! i wont i just emailed you with my info thanks so much im excited. My day was full of baking and more baking lol

  9. That bag is too cute! What a great mail day :)

  10. awwww.....she is a doll. i love her little piggies, and her expressions are the best. that is an adorable pic of her reading to the dog. and, i can't believe you have such an amazingly adorable tattoo. the bag is too cute. i sent a letter off to you this morning, so it should be arriving shortly. :)

  11. aww that's the sweetest package :) i miss seeing that dollface on skype.

    that bag is perfect! xoxo

  12. oh lordy, your daughter is the cutest thing on the planet!!! love love love you! xx


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