Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blog Yard Sale!!

This past month I have been on a serious de-clutter movement. I have gone through boxes and boxes that I have given to goodwill and decided it was finally time to tackle my craft room. I have 5 *bunches* that I'm selling and will do a few more sporadically through out the next month. 98% is brand-new, unopened and if it's lightly used I will specify :)

If you would like to purchase any of the bunches, you can comment here, e-mail, text, skype... whatever way you normally get in touch with me and I'll send a paypal invoice to you asap! Make sure to specify which bunch you would like

Bunch 1:

-Feather Pen Cozy
-Love, Elsie Gel Stickers, Claire
-Love, Elsie Gel Stickers, Cody
-Love, Elsie Chipboard Frames, Zoe (dream)
-(2) Love, Elsie Chipboard Frames, Zoe
- (2) Love, Elsie Cardstock stickers, Zoe
-(2) Love, Elsie rub-ons, Zoe
-(2) Love, Elsie Gel Stickers, Zoe
-(2) Love, Elsie Cardstock Alpha Letters, Zoe



Bunch 2:

-Elsie Recipe Box
-3 Prima cardstock alpha letters with tins
(1 box has been *very lightly* used)



Bunch 3:

5 (8x10) Elsie Prints- Excellent condition


Bunch 4:

-Feather Pen Cozy
-Love, Elsie chip buttons, Josie
-KI Memories softies
-KI Memories epoxy stickers
-Love, Elsie Clear Stamps, Zoe
-Love, Elsie chipboard frames, Zoe (i love art)
-Love, Elsie Gel Stickers, Zoe
-Love, Elsie Chipboard Frames, Zoe (dream)
- (2) Love, Elsie cardstock alpha stickers, zoe
-(2) Love, Elsie rub-ons, Zoe
-Love, Elsie gel stickers, Riley
-Love, Elsie chipboard Frames, zoe (enjoy the journey)
$18 + $4 shipping
Bunch 5:

-Feather Pen Cozy
-Love, Elsie chipboard album, Zoe (art palette)
-Love, Elsie chipboard album, Zoe (camera)
-Love, Elsie tiny ribbon (6 spools), Zoe
-Love, Elsie big ribbon (6 spools), Cody
-Love, Elsie tiny ribbon (6 spools), Forrest
-Love, Elsie soft charms, Cody
-Love, Elsie soft charms, Zoe
-Love, Elsie soft charms, Josie (lightly used)
-Love, Elsie rub-ons, Zoe (lightly used, missing 2 small rub-ons)
-Large amount of cupcake deco tape



Happy Shopping!!
(I'll keep this updated)



  1. Awesome! Wish I could afford the Elsie prints right now. :)

  2. For once I am not too late on something sweet! I am interested in bunch #2 My email is Creatingartat2am @ yahoo

  3. Yay! I totally just got rid of all of my Elsie things too!!
    Feels good to have a fresh start.
    I hope you sell everything!
    I totally loooooove your pen cozies too!! Those are worth the money right there!!

  4. wow I think these deals are too low for what someone will get. Whomever buys them will have def get their monies worth.

    too bad there aren't a bunch of rub-ons.. that is my weakness!

    Don't think you will have any issues getting buyers on any of these packages. I see already one sold!

    Talk about declutter....w/this and your previous huge giveaway you must have tons of stuff I will be rummaging thru in a few weeks for me to get my hands on!

    Looking forward in my trip up there in less than 2 weeks!! yea. Even though I totally wanted it to be a surprise.

  5. Your elsie supply looks like mine...too much.

  6. wowoowwwww lol!! good for you linds i hope you sell everything! i want those feather pens!! lol!!

  7. ooooh.. so much lovely stuff! if only I needed it. :)

    xo, Katie

  8. I'm interested in Bunch 5 if it's still for sale!!

  9. Lindsay... I will take the Elsie prints. Just let me know where I need to send my paypal pymt to. Thanks!


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