Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh Happy Day!!!

I have been a total slacker with my Happy Mail posts and I haven't been sticking to my usual blog schedule either!! Which is fine by me!! I will be blogging a lot more than usual this week, I have so much to share.

Today I got a HUGE HUGE HUGE surprise that my Hubby, BFF and Mom put together. I will be posting this Friday, you'll see why later. Tomorrow I'll be posting about another surprise that benefits YOU!!! I'm also writing a special blog post on Wednesday, with some help from my friends that is going to be a MUST READ!!!

And Guess what?? I've been working on new badge designs that will be coming out the first week in August!!! :) yay!!!!

so back to Happy Mail, here are some amazing things that have graced my mailbox :)

I got my Happy Mail from my July partner and friend Laura :) Boy did she spoil me rotten!!!! pandas, scrap paper, stamps, rub-ons, stickers, journals, stationary, markers.... HEAVEN!! :) love love love!! Thank you so much Laura!!!

This wonderful SURPRISE Happy Mail came from Molly!!! A sweet care package since the hubby has been gone to brighten my day!!! All of my favorite things!!! Thank you so much Molly!!! In Love!!!!

I also won a super cute giveaway over on Claire's blog awhile back. That hand-painted fox journal has my heart!!!! So much cuteness!!!! Thank you Claire, I love all the adorable goodies!! You should all check out her blog, full of crafty posts!! One of my favorites!!

So I have been amazed at the amount of pen pal letters I have gotten in the past 2 weeks. I, myself have written over 65 letters!!!! So many amazing, sweet ladies I have met through the Pen Pal project. Makes my heart super happy!! I write letters every night before I got to bed. love :)

You can sign up to be a part of Happy Mail HERE


The Pen Pal Project HERE



  1. ok seriously...i gave your package to my dad to mail a long time ago. Last weekend I was helping him clean the house for company...and guess what I found...yea. I guess I have to do everything myself. haha

  2. You deserve to get spoiled:) Love the stuff youve gotten. That must be amazing to receive and write so many letters, and maybe a bit overwhelming

  3. Getting mail is so much fun! I haven't written to you yet for the pen pal project but I think I will this very evening.
    I signed up for this month's Happy Mail too. I think it sounds so fun :)

  4. great stuff! i am emailing you back in just a moment!


  5. Aww I can't wait to hear all about your huge surprise! That fox journal is adorable! <3

  6. dont beat urself up about bein behind, remember u R BUSY! happy mail looks fun. glad u got spoiled by frenz & fam!

  7. Love Happy Mail and YOU! I hope you are feeling better today, I've had one of those weeks already!

  8. You've got so much goodies! Yay for you! I have that exact sewing machines rub-on package that Laura gave to you! *hugs*

  9. Ahhh that's some amazing happy mail! :) I love it! :)
    I'm running behind on my penpal writing -I get my cards out every night and then they just sit there and I forget to write them! Tonight shall be the night! :)
    Have a wonderful week lovely x

  10. Wow such lovely happy mail!!! I love all the cute panda stuff!!

  11. Hiya,
    I'm following you from FMBT!You're blog is lovely with nice infos. Happy mail looks fun!
    Hope to see you at my blog...

    Best wishes,

    Fashion and Decor designer

  12. Um, dear one, you spoiled me!! I was the envy of every person at the pool on Sunday when I opened your adorable package!! You're just the sweetest!! I'm writing you back soooooon!!! Plus, I feel super special that you take the time to write those letters and I'm in the mix. Muah!! Be sure that I'll keep my eye open for any special panda finds for you. Oh, remember the cupcake journal I won from you a while back? I take it everywhere and can't stop journaling b/c all I want to do is write in it! Eee! Love you, pretty.

  13. aw yay for so many surprises and gifts- you deserve it all!!!!!
    wow 65 pen pal letters- thats awesome. im glad so many of yall are still enjoying the pen pal project with me!! :)

  14. the cutest stuff! love it!

    can't wait to see your huge surprise :]

  15. How exciting! Very sweet goodies.


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