Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yep, Surprise giveaway!! I'm giving away one of my super cute Boris the whale Moleskine journals away over on Janel's Blog!! You should totally go check it out!!! Click here :) Giveaway ends on the 9th! I also have FREE U.S and International shipping as well as FREE delivery confirmation on all my journals and Plushie pals until the 9th as well :)
My Shop

OH!! And you get 10 extra entries in the giveaway if you purchase anything from the shop!!!

Also I wanted to show off the amazingly cute camper collage Amy from Lunie Bin sent me today. I had been obsessing over them for a few weeks and saw she made them for the camp craft swap, but I didn't sign up for it :( Major bummer.. BUT, she was so sweet to send me one anyway!! I absolutely LOVE it!! I already have it hung up on my inspirational wall above my desk! It was the last piece to make everything fit in perfectly! Thank you so much Amy!! I love it!!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!



  1. I joined the giveaway! really hope I can win it! such a cute journaL! :)

  2. I went and joined in on the fun!!! love ya and love all the cute goodies you make!

  3. Going to go check it out! :)

  4. Love that collage, too cute! By the way, my little Izzy's 1st birthday is next month and I am looking high and low on Etsy for the perfect owl plusie with long legs...I can't seem to find one, do you know anyone who could hook me up??? (o;
    Off to join to fun!!


  5. I absolutely could not pass up the opportunity to join that giveaway!! I really wanted to let you know that I have been feeling creative and made a felt strawberry the other day, thought you might get a kick out of it lol. I also checked out the Pretty Tape shop you suggested for Washi Tape and ohemgee....it's awesome. I'm SO buying some ASAP (if I don't make my own out of contact paper like you showed us!). Nothing to really do with you post but I wanted to share with a fellow plushie lover :)



  6. Lindsay!!! I am so glad you liked your collage...I love your journals....I need to sign up for your giveaway.......How awesome it would be to win one of your fabulous creations......

  7. HI, little lady!! Sorry I've been silent for a while. My vacation was crazy busy and I fell off the blog wagon for a few days. You have been such a busy girl! Oh my goodness, Linds!! I LOVE all of your pretty updates. How fun!! Those journals are so pretty....that whale makes my heart flutter a little. I sent you a little something in the mail today!! eeeee!!!! xoxoxoxox!!!!!

  8. i'm a fellow pen pal...adorable journals!

  9. adorablee! i have fallen in love♥

  10. oOO fabulous!! Have you received your giveaway package yet?! xo

  11. How exciting to see Amy's collage on your blog! It's so cute! We have been pen-pals for a few months now...Amy is awesome!!! Your letter is the next one I'll reply to (in fact, that's why I was checking out your blog)...can't wait! :)


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