Sunday, July 4, 2010

Feelings + Blog awards = Nice Combo

As some of you may know, as of Friday, July 1st, my hubby has been deployed 1 month. That means it's been one month since I've been able to hold his hand, cuddle with him on the couch, and go to sleep with his arms around me. I feel as though the month has gone by rather quickly, possibly due to me staying mega busy. I hope the next 5 months go by just as fast. I find myself being quite the workaholic, which isn't always a bad thing. I am already working on my 3rd update for the shop which has been opened 2 weeks! I find my house is a lot cleaner, dishes are never in the sink, shop goods are getting made. One month down...5 more to go!

I have found I am a lot stronger than I have ever thought I could be. Getting things done that I would normally ask the hubby to do make me feel so incredibly accomplished. Even if it's just hanging something on the wall or changing a light bulb, I feel so proud of myself.

Today is not only 4th of July, but it is also Joseph's birthday! What better day to be brought into this world. Happy Birthday love, I miss you terribly and wish we could spend your birthday with you. We will just have to make it up next year and have a birthday twice as big :)
Love you so much!!!

I have also gotten some blog awards the past 2 days and wanted to thank the 3 sweeties who gave them to me.

First, I got this award from Gina, thank you sweets!! I love it!!

Second I got this award from Katie and Heidi, thank you soooo much girls!

With this award I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself, so here we go!

1. I LOVE quilts, I actually have one of my favorite people, Janel, making me one right now.. Here is the fabric she is using, it's called The Kissing Booth Line by Amy Butler. Perfect name huh? I've been begging her to make me a quilt for several months and she finally caved to my begging convincing charm. So excited to see the process and the finished quilt!! :)

2. I have had more motivation this past month then I have ever had in my whole life.

3. I've been painting lately, I like to try everything. I'll be sharing those paintings later this week and listing them in my shop :) Which by the way has free U.S and International shipping for a week! Click here :)

4. I collect business cards. Mainly from other crafty people and in the past 6ish months I've probably collected over 100. I'm still trying to think of something super crafty to make with them all.

5. Odd numbers drive me crazy... odd twitter followers, odd blog followers, facebook friends.. odd number in my checkbook... odd numbers bug me... Oddly enough, my lucky/favorite number is 3..... strange right?

6. I love mail, especially letters. I have 55 pen pals now which is absolutely amazing!!!!

7. I have finally found my niche in the craft world. I also have my dream job which makes me especially happy :)

Now I'm supposed to pass this on to other bloggers, but honestly I don't want to take the risk of leaving anyone out. So I'm totally copping out and giving it to ALL of my readers!! That's right YOU!! So if you will, please link it in the comments so I can see 7 things about you!

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!! Please wish Joseph Happy Birthday :)


P.S. A special shout-out to my parents. Today is their 29th Wedding Anniversary. Your marriage is everything I want mine to be in 29 years. Me and Joseph both look up to you guys, yall are everything we strive to be. I love you Mom and Dad and so incredibly blessed to have you guys as my parents!


  1. ahhh i love reading all of these things about you! i'm so glad you are motivated and LOVING etsy.

  2. AWE! Happy bday to Joseph... so sorry you are without him. You are doing great getting through though. I love quilts too and I am so glad that you have your dream job! Happy 4th!!!

  3. oh Linds you always know how to bring me to tears..(good ones).. I am glad that your dad and I inspire you and Joseph. the biggest advise I can give you that has worked for me and your Dad for all these years is respecting each other's feelings.. we may no always agree w/each other's view but we also respect that each other's views and feelings mean alot to that person which also helps understanding each other's stance. Another thing.. don't be mad long, it's a waste of precious time you guys will spend to make better happier memories...oh yea will have two..and it won't be will need to lean on each other for both won't be strong at the same there for each other.. and ........HAVE FUN !!!!!!!

    luv you both so much..and Happy Birthday Joseph.. can't wait for you to come home!!

    kisses & smiles...

  4. Such lovely post, Linds! Happy Anniversary to your parents and happy happy bday to Joseph. Love you!

  5. I don't know how I would do it. You are a very strong person!

  6. that was a very delightful little read indeed

  7. Im singing a danish birthday song to Joseph :) happy birthday to him!
    You are so cool and strong going through the month like that, holding out. the last months will hopefully be even faster:)
    Lots of hugs

  8. Wow, I cannot believe it's been a month! Your positive attitude really inspires me :), I hope the next 5 months fly in. I'm sure they will; you'll be so busy with your kids & shop and everything else!Happy 4th of July to you! xx

  9. this is such a sweet post! Im glad youre feelin motivated!! Ive got a lot more done this past couple of days cuz there was no internet lol...

    How do u get so many followers on your blog missus? Im all out of ideas hey! Do you follow loads? Have you any of advice? oOO if you want another entry into the £50 voucher giveaway you can blog or tweet about it :) Your foxy baby is on its way!! Lets hope it doesnt take too long xoxo

  10. You're an incredibly strong person and your strength motivates me. I love your site's vibe. It's creative and beautiful. Keep it up; I'm excited to be following you! :)

  11. Baby I miss you and love you too. A birthday isnt the same without you. I am very proud that you have handled us being apart as well as you have. Keep working on your shop and spreading your craftiness to the world. Love you


  12. Happy Birthday to Joseph!!!! Happy birthday to you!!!!
    Happy Anniversary to your mom & dad!!!! I love your mom's comment!!!! So sweet!!! My mom & dad just had their 33rd anniversary the other day too! (the 1st)
    You are amazing, Linds!!! I know exactly what you mean about it being the things that he would normally do like change the lightbulb or something. You should be proud! You're doing a wonderful job and I'm proud of you!!!! You're an inspiration!!!! Love you!!!!! I've missed you!!! We shall skype tomorrow!!! Definitely!!! xoxo

  13. Happy Birthday to Joseph! I am so proud of you Linds, for all the you have accomplished and for all that you do, you are truly you lots!

    Oh, and Happy Anniversary to your parents!!

  14. You are doing so great! I'm so glad to hear you are doing so well! Happy birthday to Joseph and happy anniversary to your parents!!

  15. So glad to hear that you are hanging in there! I think you are so amazing and strong! Happy Birthday to your Hubby!!

  16. Happy belated bday to joseph!
    Happy Anniversary to your parents too!!

    I will have to keep my eye out on your etsy update. you go girl!! you are amazing!! Keep up the awesome work and keep smiling! love ya gina

  17. im so sorry about the hubby. but glad that its going a little bit easier now.
    and wow. 55 pen pals huh? ive been a little afraid to count, hahahaha
    and i loooove janels quilts too. i kinda want one... :)


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