Thursday, May 5, 2011


So today marks day 4 of no coffee, can you say withdrawals?? I decided on the 1st of May I was quitting because I was dependent on it WAY too much and it was making me fat. After seeing how many calories my little cup of happiness was bringing in and almost dieing of shock I knew what I had to do. Not to mention my little addiction got expensive. I tallied up how much I was spending, and going to Starbucks approx 4 days a week ran me over $100 a month! WOW! (and that's not including gas). That is a lot of money I could be saving or spending on other frivolous things. That's not including the coffee I make at home either. I knew it was getting crazy when I was making 45min round-trips just for Starbucks. Now, this being said.... I will miss my Venti Java Chip with extra chip and extra shots of coffee... oh and no whip (I'm healthy because I get no whip right?!)

Your probably asking yourself, "why is she quitting cold turkey? She could just make it at home and it would be less calories AND be cheaper".. Well, I have tried this before and it's just not the same. I always end up at Starbucks like a child sneaking a cookie. So it's all or nothing for this gal.

Also, I will always remember the trips my friends made for me just so I could get my "fix". I love you Val and Debbie. Your sacrifices never went unnoticed.

So I guess this is my goodbye blog to coffee for now... at least until I can get that extra ring of fat that appeared around my waist to go away thanks to the extra chip I insist on ordering every time... or I become rich...

Your forever in my heart Java Chip!

I can do this right?


  1. We actually stopped at starbucks yesterday on the way home from Hobby Lobby...I didn't ever really realize how expensive it was until I paid over $10 for two tall mocha frappucinos and a birthday cake pop for the kids!

  2. i am in the same boat with you! lol i keep falling off though. i can't believe how much i spend at starbucks. some days i'll get starbucks instead of lunch, which is just crazy. my husband has been trying to help me kick my addiction, so i've been drinking lots of tea :) good luck!

  3. Not that I'm an enabler or anything but I guess you will happy hour at Starbucks for the next ten days then :P Seriously though, Starbucks should charge half of what they do and they'd still be making so much. That place is overpriced!

  4. i'm on day 2 of no soda!

    i've actually replaced my morning sodas with venti iced mochas from starbucks! sorry!!! i only have enough left on my gc for 1 more though so i'll be in your same boat next week!

    good luck! you can do it!

  5. I don't have a coffee addiction luckily I am very fortunate not to like it at all BUT I can't say the same about soda. I unfortunately am addicted to that stuff and it is very difficult to kick the habit. So I can relate to your struggle. It's very difficult to stay away but not impossible. I wish you the best of luck and hope you kick the habit for good.

    Good Luck!

  6. Do you know about the Coconut Mocha Frappuccino? Sorry. Did that just conjure deliciousness in your head too? Chocolate is my vice...I don't know if I could give it up. But you give me hope! Stay strong, sista.

  7. You can sure do that! I'm sure that you'll have the determination to last through this whole turkey period! Go girl! :)

  8. how are you doing with this linds?


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