Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crazy but True

So... I've been gone for like... a month? Well, not really gone, I've still been reading blogs but haven't been posting my own. Why you ask? I guess because I was starting to feel it was the same post but a different day. I noticed when I started incorporating my shop into my blog I became more.... reserved. The crazy outlandish part of my personality didn't come out in my posts at all. I wanted to look more business appropriate. Well, taking this break made me realize there is no reason to be so "reserved" and I will be the crazy, random, through good times and bad redhead I am. So, prepare yourselves.. it may get a little different over on my side of the block. Don't worry I'm not getting all NSFW on you :)

So what has been going on the past month? Let's see....

-I helped pack a best friend and watched her leave Minot to move to Miami... very very sad times, I miss you Val and Phi!! Our Starbucks, Taco Bell and mall trips were always EPIC!!

-Lots of girls nights.. lots of margaritas and lots of crazy!!! Never let a drunk guy take your photo.. it will be very blurry...

-I realized I can NOT listen to Cee-Lo Green in front of my daughter anymore. Nothing more than a "OMG did she just say what I think she just said??" moment...

-Blizzards, sunburns and then another winter storm.. no kidding...

-An amazing Easter with friends... Can I just say packing 220 Easter eggs is a lot easier then hiding 220 Easter eggs....

- I held a snake for the first time EVER. The neighborhood kids favorite past time is collecting garter snakes and then putting them in a bucket... Hayden was holding one so I was feeling pretty ballsy and held one too. Wanna see the bucket?? 

- I daydreamed about a new front load washer and dryer and literally the next day my washer broke... So... we got new Whirlpool front loaders.. Ummm hello 5.0 cu feet?? YES!!! Goodbye money!

- I am so grateful for all the amazing friends in my life. Can't choose your family but the friends I have are my family :) 

-Still waiting on Kaylee's bedroom set and she still is scared of sleeping by herself. We finally got her in her bed but we have to fall asleep in there and then sneak out. booooo!

- Bought 2 new Coach bags and wallet... Impulse buys... still feeling kinda guilty for those :( But they are ohhhhh so pretty right?

-Was told by several people I need my own reality show... Why is this?? hehe 

-Kaylee had her first Starbucks- no coffee of course.. can you tell she liked it? She now says "Starbucks Chockey Pleassssseeeee" every-time we go.. What have I started???

I'll be honest, I feel like I have been so free since I haven't posted. I felt all I did was sit around and think of new things to blog about.. Now, when I blog it will be when I have time and not because I spent forever brainstorming what is or isn't "blog-worthy". I'm sure some of you will learn a lot of new things about me as I post. I'll be posting more about my struggles and crazy happenings around here.


  1. awesome. I've missed you around here! can't wait to read about the real Lindsey!!

  2. Glad you're back blogging and it's for you not for anyone else :D

  3. I'm happy you're back :) It's very good to press the pause button once in a while. Just to break loose from 'daily' bloggin' and find your own creative stream again :) Ever since the birth of Elian (end of last January) i have been taking several breaks and that really works for me! Just for a long weekend or a week and not feelin' my own obligation to blog, is so so wonderful!

    I'm also happy with my decision to have weekly returning posts. I've chosen topics that are easy for me to fill and besides those posts i can make a other posts whenever i feel like it :) I don't know if you find this interesting to read, but i thought it would be handy to share my 'advice'.


  4. Glad to see you back, missed reading your blog! xox

  5. After our little text-fest I've been waiting for you to come back! I am so happy that you have and I cannot wait to see free-er chickadee!

  6. so glad youre back! and happy to hear you've been doing well. :)
    ps, LOVE those coach purses!

  7. Glad you're back!!

  8. Glad that you are back. Missed reading your posts. Are you still writing to pals? Write soon.

  9. Like the others I am glad to see you are back. Definitely missed you!


  10. this is exactly where I'm at with blogging and it's so freeing.


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