Monday, February 7, 2011

Food Party!!

Some people watch the Superbowl for the football, while others watch for commercials and then there are a few that just use the Superbowl as an excuse to get their munch on. I happen to be the one who uses it for the food and maybe some commercials. My poor husband ended up having to watch the Superbowl with 3 ladies and I'm sure was less than pleased to hear all our chatter. So for 4 people we went all out with our most favorite foods!!

Chips and salsa from Mi Mexico, guacamole and Spinach dip

The Works and pineapple/pepperoni pizza from Papa Johns, and 72 boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings

A TON of ranch, Jarritos (Mexican soda), rice krispie treats and yummy marshmallow/nut brownies

Reason #1 why I woke up extra early to go to the gym today (and maybe something to do with all the Chinese food I ate this weekend too) eeeek!

Do you watch the Superbowl? Or the commercials? or just go for the food? or do you skip it all together?



  1. Ha! I had NO clue that the superbowl was yesterday until I started reading all these blogs posts about it. I am soooo uninterested in organized sports!
    Your spread of food looks delicious though!

  2. haha I'm sure your husband had a great time anyway. :)

    I was sick yesterday morning & I was in bed all morning. I got a call at noon telling me that the Superbowl party that was supposed to be at the church was changed to our house. The house was a huge mess & I looked just as bad. When Seth came home we had to rearrange the entire house for the party. It was crazy. But it was fun. I actually read blogs the whole time & ate the food! :) I think the youth had a fun time though :)

  3. that pizza looks delish. was it?

  4. Cool, i thought I was the only one who ate pineapple & pep pizza



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