Sunday, January 16, 2011

Productive = Great

I'm trying not to think of it too much, but my little nugget and hubs flew to North Carolina on Thursday. I've been keeping mad busy so I don't dwell on it much. They come back in 4 days and this will be officially the longest I've ever been away from my daughter. They are having lots of fun visiting family and I've been getting ready for the Valentine's Craft Show happening next month. I just finished my second fawn (craft dates with Val are awesome!) in 2 days and they are gorgeous!!! I will post pics of them all once I'm done.

My Checklist (&goals):

4 fawns
2 foxes
3 elephants
2 monsters
1 whale
15 badges including 8 new ones I'll be putting in the shop (limited edition!!!!)
2 journals

My goal is to get all of this done by Feb 1st so I can be extra prepared! In other news Valerie came by and hung a new and gorgeous garland in front of my living room window today! I'll be posting pics of it tomorrow :) Off to bed!



  1. I know it is hard on you being away from KK but this is such a special trip w/her daddy to go see her papa. I hope they take lots of pics.

    Your a busy bee w/all the crafts your making. Can't wait to see your new badges (are they Valentine badges???? ;)

    I have a cool suggestion for a new plushie. Get w/me after breakfast.

  2. Id love to be productive... but i cant... sncaw shoo!

  3. you need to make a "i made a baby" or "making babies is my super power" badge or something like that... :)

    miss you terribly!!



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