Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ghetto Sledding

I have lived in North Dakota for 3 years and have just now gotten around to sledding. Because we are fabulous and do not own a sled we made use of the top of Kaylee's toy box. Hey, it's on the floor, not being used all the time anyway, why not? First time I went sledding I went down the back porch stairs and Joseph took an instax photo of it to add to my goal book. I'll share those pics later (this means I'm too lazy to scan them right now) :) For now you get to see our little adventure in pics!!

Kaylee getting all suited up :)

Obviously she hates the cold, oh that look!!

Hayden and Joseph using the toy box lid to go down a snow hill... Hayden loved it!!

Kaylee's turn....

She did NOT love it...

Kaylee and Aunt "mana"

The boys stayed out for hours while the girls went in and got warm!


P.S look what I found and of course stocked up on....MMMMMM


  1. woooo...lookso fun fun... and the coffemate is makes me...MMMM....


  2. Oh that looks like so much fun! We used to sledge on big old garden polythene bags!!

    Now Christmas in the tropics never seems quite the same! It's a different kind of special in the heat and sunshine ( or this year torrential rain!!)

    Hope you have a fabulous Christmas!

  3. haha, I remember using an old wheelbarrow to go sledding one time.. lol


  4. I think it is quit inventive that Joseph thought of first "sledding" down the basement stairs into you and your craft table! and from there this story became fun memories for all of you!

    Looks like santa needs to bring you guys a sled for Christmas! Great gift for "the guys"!!

  5. Laundry baskets work surprisingly well. The snow does tend to bunch up in front of them, though!

  6. aw, poor girl. i can totally relate to your daughter!
    looks like yall had fun though. :)

  7. We had a blast sledding and I cant wait to do it again. I think its about time we stop being "ghetto fabulous" and actually get a sled. I remember when I was a kid we used a piece of sheetmetal. It flew down the hills but could probably take your head off so it wasnt that safe lol! Love you

  8. Looks like so much fun!!! :)
    Have a wonderful Christmas Lindsay!
    Love you!


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