Sunday, December 19, 2010

DIY- Pumpkin Seed Flower Ornament- by Perfect Pear

hello everyone! my name is Lauren, from The Perfect Pear! I'm beyond happy to be blogging here at Pixies and Bears!

When i was just a little one i made these ornaments for Christmas! This adorable DIY has definitely stuck with me, it so pretty and I hope you'll like it!

look how pretty is it!

You'll Need: Some unsalted pumpkin seeds, popcorn kernels, scissors, red paint (or any other color), ribbon, paper, hot glue gun and (optional*) white glue and glitter

1: Start by cutting out a circle from paper, this will be about the size of your flower. I like to put another circle in the middle as a guide for my seeds

2: Glue your seeds down, make sure the outer edge, roughly lines up.

3: Keep going around until you get to here (see below.)

4: Get your paint out and pretty it up!

5: Once its dry glue a few kernels smack in the middle!

6: This step is optional, but it really makes it sparkle (literally)! Add some Elmer's glue around the edges.

7: Add your glitter!

8: Glue some ribbon down to the back.


p.s. come visit my blog, for TONS more DIY projects! made this? send me pictures!

p.p.s. thanks Lindsay for letting me guest blog! i had so much fun making this!


  1. Love cute!

    Fellow Blog Hopper:)

  2. Oh my gosh this is so adorable and easy! I have to make me one! thanks for sharing! going to check out Lauren's blog now.

  3. That's really pretty and looks so simple to make. I love natural made decorations. :)Thanks for sharing.


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