Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm Alive...

This week I've been super busy with a complete house de-clutter/cleaning. I went a little crazy trying to get rid of things we don't need anymore. I sold a ton of it on the local yard sale FB page and made over $500!!! YAY!!! I love the feeling I get when I see more space and less crap around the house! ha! Besides cleaning my hubby took off this week for a stay-cation. All we've been doing is lounging around the house, cuddling, watching movies and stuffing our faces. Best kind of vacation right?

Last night I invested in Photoshop Elements and I'm still in the process of trying to learn it. I tried to get some photo effects from some cute sites and can't figure out how to put them into my Photoshop. It's driving me nuts!! I keep getting errors... BOOOOO! So this weekend I will be immersed in lots of reading and begging my photoshop friends to helllpppp me! I hope everyone has a super fantabulous great weekend!!



  1. Try It's AWESOME.

  2. Wow, you did great making that much $. I need to do that. Did you sell it on FB or Craigslist?

  3. Lol. If you are on a mac and you downloaded actions, go to your applications folder - Photoshop elements - presets - actions n just drag it in

  4. Woaaah! what a great de-clutter you've had! I've been doing a mass de-clutter around our place, i'm just so bad at letting go of things! :S
    goodluck on photoshop sweets! Wish i could help, but it is next on my learning list - sso let me know any hints/tips when you learn them ;) hehehe

  5. I wish my de-clutter sessions were so productive! Very inspiring! I just found your blog and love having another fantastic site to follow. Your badges are so stinkin' cute! Love it.



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