Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So.. I met my neighbor

Not exactly the way I would have liked either. This past week I have had trouble sleeping at night. This morning I woke up around 6 and decided I was going to do something useful since I couldn't fall back to sleep. I swept the floors and mopped the upstairs and downstairs and then threw in some laundry. I noticed Joseph was still up so we Skyped for a bit. It kinda felt like a wave of sleep passed over me but I had to bring Hayden to school. Ok.. so 2 min drive and then 2 min back meant I could go back to sleep in like 5 min.

I load the kids in the truck and start backing out of the driveway. Keep in mind it's pretty dark and I feel as if I'm sleepwalking at this point. I hear a BOOM when I get to the road. Thinking I may have just hit a snowdrift I keep backing up (not sure what my logic of this was). After hearing a second BOOM I decided maybe I should actually get out of the truck to see what I hit. I get out of the truck (hair is a mess and I'm in pjs) and realize I ran over not 1 but 2 of my neighbors trash cans...that were full... of trash.... The first few words that popped into my head (or maybe I said them out loud, I cant remember, I'm still asleep) I can't repeat. So I thought maybe I could pick it up real fast and hope I didn't bust his trash cans. But then I quickly realize that not only did he not use bags in his trash cans so there is individual trash EVERYWHERE, but he is standing 4 feet away in shock. This is where I am completely humiliated and apologize profusely. He said it was alright and started picking up the trash. Of course I go to help and he shoos me off.

I have actually been meaning to meet him since they moved in recently, but I'm sure I am now dubbed 'The crazy lady who can't drive and runs over trashcans'... My fail for the day :(

In good news I started my art journaling again today. My goal is to do 2 pages a day.

Oh!! And 1 month down for Josephs deployment!!! :D


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oh hai!

Wow, so the last time I published a blog was in May.. of last year. So many things have been going on in my life. Let's see where to start... I decided in May I was going to take a break from blogging as well as my shop, just for the summer. That way I could spend more time with my family and friends. Well our little town in Minot was flooded and I mean FLOODED.  I'm sure a lot of you saw it on the news. A lot of people lost their homes and businesses were shut down for months. We had water issues as well. Anything we drank had to be boiled or drank from a bottle. It was tough, but we were one of the fortunate ones.

In July I got the itch to get a new car. I was tired of driving the "mommy mobile" (ford escape) and wanted to go back to my roots with a Hemi. I found a private buyer and got a GORGEOUS 2006 Charger SRT8. It was garage kept and had super low miles. We drove across the state to pick it up. I added some flowmasters and cold air intake (I sound like such a guy now). It's my baby who has to be kept in the garage all winter because snow + car = not moving. So that was a little birthday present to myself.

After the summer I was sure to start blogging again in September... that didn't happen. I was enjoying family time way too much to give that up. I ended up selling my DSLR camera and getting a coolpix. I didn't use the camera at all to it's capabilities and it was just too much to carry around with me everywhere.

Somewhere in October I managed to finally complete my Momiji collection with all the dolls I didn't have. I now have every doll and a Momiji sanctuary of sorts in my craft room. When I'm having a rough day I like to go down there and it makes me smile :)

I started modeling a lot more. I found a niche for it. It gives me so much confidence. I have another shoot coming up this month, I'm modeling for a jewelery business :) I'll post pics!

At the beginning of December Joseph got a phone call saying he had to deploy in less than 24 hours. Yea... 24 hours. We were pretty upset because it was such short notice, but he is supposed to be back in April. Christmas was pretty lonely, but we did get to Skype with him for a little bit.

I'm not sure why I picked today to blog, maybe out of pure boredom. I am also not sure which direction I'll be taking this blog in 2012. Maybe less crafty and more about my life and things happening, a more personal touch :) I'll always have the same name though!

If you stuck around through my long hiatus, thank you!!!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

While I was in bed Joseph took a cute video of Kaylee eating her sandwhich. Of course she is always camera ready and constantly posing. I don't think she has figured out the whole video thing yet. This video cracks me up!!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The last few weeks has been great... BBQ'ing with friends, getting tipsy and karaoking.. and yes, I apologize now to Joseph, Debbie and Logan because their ears are probably still bleeding. I am a HORRIBLE singer and I learned that singing on the top of your lungs doesn't help you sing better, it just makes your hoarse and you lose a little respect... LOL.. I do rock Baby Got Back though, that's one song I know all the lyrics too and can get down with!

Some things that make me sad... Remember that tiger queen bathing suit that I posted? Yea, well apparently when they say it instantly adds 2 cup sizes, they ARE NOT lieing. There is no way a size C needs another 2 sizes. It looked like someone cemented 2 bowling balls to my chest. I have never felt a bathing suit weigh as much as this one. Had to have at least 3 pounds of padding in those suckers!! I fixed this problem pretty swiftly though. I got on Victoria's Secret and bought 4 bathing suits to try on. I got them yesterday and FINALLY found one that I loved. The other 3 were swiftly returned. Here is the winner...

something else that kind of saddens me is that I have not been in my craft room in MONTHS. I haven't created a thing. Of course I walk through it to get to my laundry room, omg did I mention  my washer and dryer are amazeballs? I pretend things are dirty just to use them. I even learned a new way of folding to fit everything better in drawers. I am now committed to laundry. no joke. anywho... so I haven't created anything in a long time. I am feeling some creative juices flowing and I'm going to try my hand at collage painting. We redid Kaylee's toddler room forest style and wanted to make a few things to hang in there. I'll post pics of her room when those are finished. Gives me something to look forward too.

Things I'm proud of lately.. Kaylee is finally sleeping in her bed by herself. When Joseph was on swings I went through the whole putting her in her bed constantly until she got the hint. She has to sleep with Max and has a touch lamp but it works perfectly. I finally get alone time with Joseph and Modern Family is now an interrupted enjoyment. P.S Modern Family is the best mokumentary out there. You have to watch it!!!!

Something else I'm proud of, I have been getting my spending more under control. I have walked out of Victoria's Secret 2 times in the past month without spending a dime!! Because of good behavior I've been awarded to a free pass for their Semi-Annual sale on June 12th. You better bet your ass that's the only thing scheduled in my phones calendar right now.

Also, I have been off of coffee and Starbucks since the 1st. I am still going strong and I am SO VERY proud of myself. This is the longest I have gone in forever without it. I feel better and accomplished.

Something I'm loving right now. My new Blackberry Torch. We just signed a contract with AT&T and got to upgrade our phones. It was a choice between the IPhone or the Torch and after looking at both I went with the Torch. The only reason I was going to go with the IPhone is because they had white, after seeing they had a white Torch I was SOLD. I LOVE it. I am a Blackberry girl all the way. Of course the hubby went with the IPhone and that's fine. When I need my Angry Birds fix I have somewhere to go :)

Something new I'm trying, Oxy-Elite. It's an appetite suppressant and gives you a little energy. Let's just say I'll be at my goal weight in a few pounds and I have no problem prancing around in my bikini now. Now if they could just invent something that makes stretch marks disappear.... hmmmmmm

Something annoying right now.. I got a cold sore on my lip last Thursday and I've been stuck in my home since (minus karaoke night of course) I can't tell you how much it bums me out. I have NEVER had one before and it hurt like the dickens. I think I got it from the massive amount of sun that I've been taking in. My body isn't used to this much sun :(

Things that make me feel beautiful, I had a salon appointment and went with a deeper red. It's gorgeous!!! and of course got some waxing done. After hubby's playful joke (what a meanie) of me having a 'stache' I had it removed in half a second flat. My Hair Stylist/amazingness/friend moved salons and not only is it cheaper, but it's much more relaxed where she's at now. I love you Chelsea!!!

Things that I miss, Val and Phi. I miss you girls so much. Just had to give a shout out to my BF. I'm jealous your in FL with all the sun :)

OK I'm off, until next time...